CafèPod: ‘Brewed for the Restless’

The doers of the world don’t have time for complacency. Their passion for a life well lived leads them to keep striving for that next big goal – the pursuit of which is always a pleasure. For the doers, coffee isn’t just a luxury. It’s a necessary fuel.

Client: CafèPod
Media: Social
Agency: Ariel & Bell
Creatives:  Tom Dunn & Andrea Bellini
Cast: Deborah de Beukelaer (dancer), Renzo Lattanzio (cyclist), Tris Puri (singer), Connie Marshall (bass), Jonny Firth (drums)
Director:  Andrea Bellini
Editor:  Andrea Bellini
DoP:  Andrea Bellini
AC:  Sebastiano Rizzato
Music: Tris Puri & Connie Marshall
Music Producer: Jonny Firth
Costumes and set design: Julien Bertolin
Grading: Jack Kibbey Newman